I’m here to help and there are a few ways that I can do so.

Meticulous Creativity and Problem-Solving

If running your business keeps you from growing your business, I can help. Let's improve on and reach your goals, save time, and improve your work-life balance.
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My primary goal is to help businesses increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Once I understand the specific needs, I evaluate current processes and identify opportunities for automation and integrations that fit seamlessly with your existing systems. Additionally, I maintain these systems and any forms or automations that you need going forward. I also train your team to work within the systems to maintain efficiency. I have limited slots available for this service.
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This is a quick, efficient way to address any issues with your current procedures and workflows. It all starts with a strategy call! You'll be able to let me know what your ideal process looks like and some background on your tech stack, your team, and their strengths. I'll also be able to answer any questions you have about automation. I will only need enough of your time for the strategy call, so I won't slow you down and any additional questions I come up with will be relayed via email. After the call, I will work on the finer details and options and work on resolving your issues while you continue with business as usual.
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If you don’t know, a CRM is a fantastic option to automate every tedious step from initial inquiry to invoicing to offboarding. Project management systems are time-saving ways to manage your team and I have my favorite software options, but it's really up to you. If you don’t have one in mind, I am happy to recommend one based on your business model. These programs don’t require a professional to set them up, but the customization options can be overwhelming, and I would love to help.

Pick a plan that fits your needs

From the start, I work with clients to understand their specific needs, evaluate current processes, and identify opportunities for automation.
OBM Support
Support for your business starts at 30 hours per month.
  • This time can be applied to:
  • Team management,
  • Project management,
  • CRM maintenance or setup,
  • et cetera.
per month
Workflow & Automation Consultations
  • A deep dive and repair of your workflows and processes
  • 90 Minute Call
  • Call Summary
  • Illustrated Workflow
  • Detailed Repair Roadmap
per month
System Setups
Automation & Strategy Buildout
  • CRM Setup Includes
  • Full Account Setup
  • Integration Setup and Testing
  • Customized Manual
  • A month of email support
per month

Ad Hoc Services

Everything on the Ad Hoc menu comes with either a recording of the video call, a filled outline of notes from the call and/or a month’s worth of support via email.

I offer a 60-minute strategy call if you only want to brainstorm options. This is a $500 service that includes a summary email of everything we discussed during the brainstorming session.

Per Project
SOP Creation
Per Project
App Stack Research
Per Project
Task Manager Update
Per Project
Workflow Visualization
Per Project
60 Minute Strategy Calls
Per Project
Brainstorming and Strategy
Per Project
Pitch Deck & Business Plan Creation
Per Project